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The Does

Holly is a medium blue grey goat.
Holly's pedigree listing her sire and her dam.
Holly, born 3/95 is a single. She is from McTimmonds Valley Farms in Oregon, breeder Joe and Janet Hanus.
We retired her this year - she is 15 now! She has a B fiber fleece and has produced some great kids.
Isabel's pedigree listing her dam and sire.
Isabel, is a white long fibered doe.
Isabel, born 3/98, is a triplet. Her dad, George, is the son of PBA's first Permanent Grand Champion, Millers Farm Eyore, owned by Hawks Mountain Ranch in Oregon. Isabel is a A type fleece Pygora and is a full older sister of our doe, Esmarlda.
Raslin's pedigree listing her sire and dam.
Raslin is a white fibered goat.
Raslin, born 3/98, is a twin. Her full older sister is Hollyhock Hollow Sara, owned by Jared Sharp of Kiddin Around Farm in Oregon. Sara has won many Grand Champion Doe and best Fiber of the Show awards. We are very proud of her.
Raslin grows a very thick B type fleece and we have milked her to make wonderful cheese!
Esmeralda, is a black legged and black faced doe with a fiber that is a brown grey color.
Esmeralda pedigree listing her sire and dam.
Esmeralda, born 3/99, is a triplet and a full younger sister of Isabel which is also a triplet.
Esmeralda has a wonderful type C thick fleece and oh so soft.
Heather is a medium grey doe with dark grey legs. Heathers pedigree, listing her sire and dam.
Heather, born 3/99, is a twin.
She has a B fleece and has producted wonderful kids.
Polly's pedigree listing her sire and dam.
Polly is a light grey fibered goat with black legs and forehead.
Polly, born 3/99, is a twin and a full younger sister of Marella, Liberty and Blue Flax.
Polly has a very fine type B silver fiber. The Dusty and Kelly kids, wish I had 10 more of those.
Millicent is a medium grey goat with black face and black legs
Millicent's pedigree, listing her sire and dam.
Millicent, born 3/00, is a single. She is a grand daughter of Permanent Grand Champion Millers Farm Eyore. She has two Reserve Grand Champion Doe wins to her name.
She has a very pretty B fleece which is lovely to blend with silk.
Leah, born 3/03, is a twin. She is has a great fleece for plucking. The locks are beautiful three inch type C and light brown or tan in color. I have spindle spun her fleece and made a oh so soft shawl with added beads. She now has some kids very much like her that has the same wonderful C fleece.
Hollyhock Hollow Windy 06 - 136F
DOB 3/14/06, Her Sire is HH V9 by HH Blue Flax & Angora- Magdalana. Windy's dam is HHT10 (Rosemary) by HH Maverick and MV Holly. photo here Oct 2007. Windy is Grey with White type B fleece. Windy and Xavier had a single buck kid born on 2/24/08.
Hollyhock Hollow Whistle 06-152F, sire is HH Blue Flax dam is Angora - Adalain. She is a white type A fleece doe. DOB 3/11/06. She and Xavier have a single solid black buck, which might be B or C in fleece.
Coming soon, photos of Snowflake, Katie, Rosemary, Magdalina, and Adalena.
Snowlite is a white long fibered doe.
snowlite's predigree listing her dam and her sire.
Snowlite, born 4/95, is a F1. She is a twin. Her father is from Texas angora line.Her fiber is A type. Snowlite is no longer with us.
Liberty is a light blue grey goat, standing on the grass. Liberty's pedigree listing her sire and dam.
Liberty, born 3/94, is a twin and a full sister of Marella and Blue Flax. She stands 22".
Liberty past away summer of 2006. Another one we greatly miss!
Marella, a light grey goat with black face and legs, standing on the lawn.
Marella's pedigree listing her dam and sire.
Marella, born 4/92, is a twin. She is 23" tall. Her fleece is a beautiful light grey color. She is the mother of Huero, one of our bucks, and Raslin and Millicent two of our does.
At 11 years of age, the micron count on her fiber was 18. And at the OFFF 2005 Pygora Fleece show she placed second in the aged does, and at the same show Marella's daughter Maud's fiber placed Reserve Grand Champion Pygora Fleece! Marella lived a long 16 years. We miss her.
Anne Shirly's pedigree listing her sire and her dam
Anne Shirly, a white pygora doe standing on the grass.
Anne Shirly, born 12/91 is a twin, she tends to have triplets as did her mother. She stands at 22". Her fleece is a pale apricot color.
Anne died summer of 6/05 at 14 years of age. She is greatly missed.
Kelly's pedigree listing her dam and sire.
Kelly, a blue grey long fibered doe on the lawn.
Kelly, born 10/90 - died 5/03 is the daughter of Jacy. Jacy was one of my first Pygoras that I breed from crossing a black Pygmy doe and an Angora. The result was twin does named Lacy and Jacy. They are my foundation does. Kelly is a single with a lovely B fleece. Many for her daughters are shown above.
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