This image is of the name of my ranch which is called Hollyhock Hollows Pygoras
Pygora fiber goats for sale.

Hollyhock Hollow Pygoras for Sale

I have some wonderful Pygoras for sale, ready for shows, fiber production and the does ready for breeding. Please check them out! Discount on multiple purchases!!
Hollyhock Hollow York (Y4) - Born 2-29-09. York is a wether with A type fleece super fleece. Charcoal grey color at this time. Wonderful personality. Dam is the 2006 OFFF Diamond Fleece Winner and the OFFF PBA Sanctioned Fleece Grand Champion Winner Margarit. He is really taking after his mom with all this fleece. I showed him at 2008 OFFF and he did very well in his wether classes.
Very easy to work with this sweet guy. $200

Hollyhock Hollow Yancy (Y3) by Huero and Millicent born 2/29/08. Yancy is a black wether with brown fiber with B or C type fiber. He was also shown at OFFF 08 and did very well. He has a great overly friendly personally - really wants to make everyone his friend! The leader in the pack!! $200

Hollyhock Hollow Y Not - white wether born 3/25/08. Dam is HH Raslin sire is HH Black Flax. He has very thick white B fiber. He is sweet. $150

Hollyhock Hollow Yarn (Y9) - Black wether with Brown B fleece. Born 3/26/08 to HH Leah and HH Black Flax. Has wonderful brown dense fleece. Will be very pretty yarn as his name is...
$150 for this wether.

HH Heather and Tex produced twin doe kids that were born on 3/12/07. Again as in the last three years I am very happy with the large size and very curly kids from these two parents.

X11 - white doe kid
Type A fiber
Priced at $300

photos were taken March 2008

HH Rosemary and HH Wade twin doe and buck were born on 3/13/07. Photos on the ldft of the doe taken 3/11/08 - These two have a lot of fiber!

X14 - White Doe
Type B fiber Priced at $300
X15 - white Wether
Type B or B/C fiber Priced at $150.
Photos taken 3/08

Magdalina and HH Black Angus produced this pretty white doe kid on 3/14/07.

X18 - white doe kid
Type A/B
Price is $300

Photo taken 3/12/08

X25 - Doe by Esmarlda and HH Wade. I need to get a photo of her in fleece. Born March 2007 - photo in 2008. Priced at $300.
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