This image is the name of my ranch, Hollyhock Hollow Pygoras

Fun at Oregon Flock and Fiber shows (OFFF)

Erica Trainer and husband, Janet Hanus, Peggy Tigner, Terry Mattison.
Susan Prechtl showing Fran Bishop how to Spin and below, Fran is spinning!
Terry, Jill Mann, and Fran hanging out in the barn and Fran is spinning!
Getting ready for our PBA meeting.
Golden Fleece Award to a Pygora owned by Lisa Roskopf on the left top, and Grand Champion Pygora owned by Lisa top right. Reserve Champion Pygora Fleece owned by Jill Gallagher with Hollyhock Hollows Maud, below.
These pics are from the Golden Buck and Golden Doe class. Two judges work together to get one winner for each Class. Aaron Estherline is the black shirt and Dr. Joe David Ross is wearing the hat. Very exciting to see these two classes! And a Pygora won the Doe class, a white Angora won the buck class.
Golden Doe winner - Pygora owner Lisa,

Golden Buck winner - white Angora.

And lastly, I got this great pic of Aaron with his Reserve Jr Doe Pick and my doe kid Snowdrop

thanks Aaron - great Job on this Show!!

Ok, guys, I think this is the way home...
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